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Discover the captivating world of mountain sports including trekking, mountaineering, and climbing, along with the profound wisdom on personal development and spiritual growth. 

Reaching acceptance

One way to truly accept life is by talking to yourself. Find out more!

What is acceptance?

Find what true acceptance is and what it is not!

Living in delusion

We tend to struggle with acceptance due to our fear of facing the truth. Instead, we live in delusions.

From Ego to Empathy

Find out how to show true compassion and develop empathy over ego.

Lying to ourselves

This post exposes the reality of self-deception and its causes.

The illusion of calm mind

Defy the common notion of calmness and discover true strength lies not in the scarcity of words but in having a peaceful mind.

How to develop compassion

This post discusses the cultivation of compassion to develop our inner strength and gain the ability to deal with hardships

Not all days are bad

Discover the secret to embracing life fully and finding fulfillment even in the face of setbacks.

Your body shamer lies in you

Learn how to embrace body positivity and overcome internal shaming by discovering the importance of silencing your inner critic.

Secret Friend

The post is about discovering and embracing oneself as a true friend. I will give a secret tip for effortless acceptance.

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