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What is acceptance?

Wouldn't life be easy and happy if we would just know that eventually, life is going to be the best? We would then just take things as it is without questioning anything. We would approach every problem without any stress. We would forgive our mistakes without any guilt. We would forgive others without any negativity. We would just let the things be as they are. It sounds easy but it is the hardest thing to do!

Acceptance or seeing things as they are without expectations, hopes, regret, fear, and complacency is what we always struggle with. Our analytical human mind likes to doubt, judge, blame, regret, assume, control, and worry about everything in life. While all these habits have their purpose in our survival, we use them in the wrong way at the wrong time in the wrong situations. We overuse them in every moment which diverts us from reality and we get encircled in our delusional world. Acceptance comes after you have put all your guard down and completely trust yourself or the universe that things will happen for your good. The present may seem bad but the future will definitely be the best!

"Yes, I lie frequently.", "My partner is abusive", "I like junk food", "I am unhappy in the job", "I am a lazy person!" just say whatever it is to yourself assertively - without thinking about what others might think of you or your closed ones will leave you or you are a bad person or wishing and hoping for something else, etc. Just embrace your present reality, your present state, and your present thoughts. How do people boast about their wealth? You should also own your reality in the same way. No regret, no wishing, no negativity.

What most people fail to understand is that acceptance does not mean complacency, ignorance, inaction, or explanation for bad conduct. Real acceptance means you notice, you acknowledge, you address without any biases and then you let go if things don't go as you wish without any regret or bitter feelings. Never do you use acceptance as an excuse for laziness or procrastination or inability.

If you ever find yourself covering your mistakes or bad habits, "I have a habit of lying so why should I speak the truth? I should always lie, it is my nature!", "My partner is abusive, I cannot do anything about it now. I have to take it as it is.", "I know I like junk food, so what?", "I know I don't like my job but I will accept it now.", "I am lazy let me just accept it and delay work," it suggests that you are avoiding true acceptance. You are still not ready to see things as they are because you are doomed with dejection, you have given up. You are discouraged. All these are negative emotions that are prevalent as you still judge yourself or have some deep beliefs. They keep you far from reality, from acceptance! Shed away all these emotions and you will reach acceptance.

Next time you think you are calm and have accepted your life, just ask yourself what are you trying to avoid in the name of acceptance. If is nothing then it is acceptance!

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