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Living in delusion

Most of the time we fail to accept and see the reality as it is because we fear the truth. We love hanging on to the hopes, we love fantasizing. One great example is we always delay hospital checkups because we fear the result. We don't have the strength to face the worst. We are not ready. We keep living in delusion. The delusional world then becomes so comfortable that we don't want to develop the strength to face reality. And we are stuck in our own fake world.

Our common cover-up statements are, "I have a severe headache but it is because I am tired", "I am always irritated but I am fine", "I am just a little overweight but I am healthy", "My spouse is abusive but loves me a lot", "I don't love my job but I earn more." we add vibrant colors to our dull picture of life. We cling to colored lenses of fake hopes. While being hopeful is always beneficial but we should know when to stop. We should learn to establish limits for every situation. Only then can we genuinely accept reality and then start the journey of exploring genuine solutions to our problems.

So are you ready to come out of your delusions?

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