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Learn about Content Marketing for Outdoor Businesses.


If marketing isn't your focus right now, dive into the exciting world of mountain sports or find some wisdom on personal development and spiritual growth.

Selfishly Selfless

Accept your selfishness and you will become selfless

Ego vs. Confidence

We often get confused between confidence and ego. Find out how they are not the same.

"I" over "WE"

Find how ego makes us selfish

Ego vs Compassion

Find how ego often stands as a hindrance to compassion.

Ego vs Acceptance

Find out how ego and our self-identity act as a barrier to acceptance

Momentary gratefulness feat EGO

We love to be grateful but we forget gratefulness immediately. Find out various reasons why that happens!

Beyond gender to be the best

I talk about how embracing one humanity, will resolve many identity issues.

How is ego created?

Find some facts about ego, you didn't know!

What is ego?

Unmask the layers of "me, mine, and I"

Why is acceptance hard?

Through my personal story of giving up mountaineering for rock climbing, I will shed light on why acceptance is hard.

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