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Finding inner strength in your weakest moments

Many of you may not agree with my previous post, not all days are bad. Life can be incredibly difficult at times. Dealing with incurable diseases, life imprisonment, surviving in war-like situations and are a few of many more cases where every moment of each day can feel like a struggle, where all days are bad.

When circumstances are beyond our control, we give up. We go through each day mindlessly and hopelessly, questioning our existence. The real strength required to face hardships slowly degrades. However, there is one weapon that will help us break free from the misery.

Be grateful

Being grateful in the face of extreme pain is a true testament to a peaceful mind and an aid in finding inner strength. It may seem impossible, but with regular reminders and practice, we can find things to be grateful for. Remember, if you lack what others have, there are many who lack what you possess—maybe a roof over their heads, regular meals, physical abilities, vision, or caring people around. Find a reason why you are alive and be grateful for that reason. Be grateful to people who are helping you survive. In the worst case, you can be grateful for the next breath, a luxury not everyone has.

As your gratitude begins to blossom, you will gradually discover a newfound resilience to endure difficult days. The thick wall of darkness in front of you begins to get weaker with holes of gratefulness. Even if there are just 2-3 holes, it is enough encouragement in the face of complete darkness. Slowly as your strength builds you will hit the wall with bigger holes. In no time you will have only light. In this light, with a clear and calm mind, you will find a solution that will end your misery. And even if the misery doesn't end, your suffering will definitely end!

If you think this post was helpful, share it with others and give others a chance to develop gratitude.

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