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Secret Friend

Let me give away the suspense...your secret friend is YOU. But let me guess, you are not really your true friend. Let me also tell you that it's because you are not honest with yourself.

Your secret friend demands honesty, and I know it is really, really hard to face your true self.

When I first started being honest with myself, I felt embarrassed and often unhappy with myself. I couldn't easily accept my bad habits, bad thoughts, or bad desires. I lied to myself. I manipulated my own mind using creative storytelling as an explanation for the negative aspects of me.

I tricked myself, and this led to chaos in my mind. It was like a battle with myself for no reason at all!

On the days when I didn't care that I had some bad habits, those days were peaceful in my mind. My friend would appreciate my honesty. I soon realized the trick of honesty, and it was acceptance. Just accepting that, "Yes, I have some bad habits, a few bad thoughts, and maybe some negative desires. It's fine. There's no need to panic about it now," brought me closer to myself. Just what it is - no judgment and no regret. Acceptance.

Slowly, I realized that there was never a battle. There was nothing to fight about. I created the fake battle because of my ego. My ego never wanted to acknowledge my faults.

Then I started opening up more about myself. I could trust my own consciousness.

Once I became comfortable with my flaws, discovering my good side didn't generate pride. Accepting my good side didn't feed my ego. I was like, "Yes, I have these good habits, positive thoughts, and noble desires. They make me a good human being. I am going to nurture them more." Just what it is. Acceptance.

My ego has now learned to be in its right place. As my fake friend (ego) began losing its power, the real myself started coming closer to me. There was no judgment or fear.

My secret little friendship flourished... and is still flourishing!

Now it's time to find your secret friend. Start by talking to yourself first. Just be honest with yourself.

Then talk to me and others with your honest likes, shares, and comments!

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