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Your body shamer lies in you

Enough awareness is being spread about not judging others based on their appearance or body type. While we educate society on the importance of embracing every individual, every individual should learn to embrace themselves first. The shamers might even stop the criticism but the shaming will not. Because it lies in our heads.

For years I have struggled with sleeveless clothes. It started because of conservative family traditions but it turned into insecurity and fear. I always believed my arms were too big. Since my teenage years, I have heard comments about my wide shoulders, big arms, and athletic physique (despite never even going near a sports ground back then). These ideas have shaped my insecurities. Today, there is more acceptance of sleeveless clothes overall, and at least nobody directly shames me. I am still not comfortable showing my arms. I constantly worry about what others might be thinking. I scrutinize my looks thinking my arms look big and how I don't have the perfect body. I have realized my shamer is no one but ME.

Regardless of the reasons that contributed to this internal shamer, whether it be societal influences, upbringing, or conditioning, these factors are all secondary. Silencing others is not the ultimate solution; silencing the internal shamer is the most important step. As long as this shamer exists, we will get affected. Whenever the outside world shamers criticize us for our looks this shamer in us agrees with them. It affects us even more. Once we eliminate this inner voice, others' opinions become irrelevant. So whether society is changed or not it doesn't matter. We are healed from the inside.

Body shaming only affects us when we let it to. If body shaming is affecting you that means the real backstabber is still inside you.

One way to identify your inside shamer is by being honest with yourself. Now that you have found the shamer, like and share with others so they find theirs.

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