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Not all days are bad

You wake up every day. Get ready for your day. Go to the office, school, or college, or get your kids and family ready. You work hard each day to fulfill your duties at the office or home. Then you come back home, eat your dinner, and sleep. You repeat this every day. If this has been your uninterrupted routine for months or even years, you have led a fairly planned life.

How many trips have you missed?

How many family functions got canceled?

How many nights you did not sleep in your own bed?

How many exams have you failed?

How often have you met with accidents, or witnessed your loved ones being rushed to the hospital?

How many heartbreaks have you endured?

How frequently have you or your loved ones been diagnosed with a deadly disease?

If you add the answers to all these questions, I bet for most of us it will not be more than 100. For all of us who have lived more than 18 years with 365 days each year and only 100 days of failure are a clear indication that we have lived a fulfilling life. Yet, we cannot find fulfillment. For the most part, we are unhappy.

The root of our unhappiness lies in us. From moment to moment we revisit those hundred days and suffer. Every day we recreate those 100 days in our heads, dive into that emotional stress and ruin our present lives. Hence, each day becomes a bad day.

It is true that there are a few more unpleasant days when your boss is angry, your spouse is upset, you miss a payment, your kids fall sick, your car breaks down, etc. These minor setbacks pull us down. They may even add to our trauma. However, these afflictions are manageable and can be dealt with joyfully. In contrast, seeing your loved one suffer a chronic illness or facing daily domestic abuse or sleeping empty stomach with no roof, or being born with a rare disease - isn't this 365 days of unfairness? Shouldn't this lead to making every day as bad day?

So next time you are feeling unlucky just remember that you are very lucky. All days are good only a few are bad. These unexpected bad days come as a lesson, I shall talk about this in the upcoming posts. But most importantly, crying over the unfavorable 100 bad days and deeming 100% of your life as a failure, is a testament that you are terrible at maths and you are denying happiness - you are not embracing fulfillment!

If you are sure you are a good mathematician and are willing to find fulfillment, like, share, and subscribe!

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