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Reaching acceptance

Now that you know what acceptance is, reaching that zen state is a challenge. See things as they are, let it go - how easy it sounds but it is the most challenging part of human life.

We find peace and pleasure in taunting, analyzing, blaming, complaining, regretting, and being negative. It seems nearly impossible to give away these inherent habits and reactions. There is comfort in these unstable mental states and breaking out requires a lot of strength. Mostly, we are not ready to put in those efforts. One thing that takes away our strengths is our denial, our dishonesty!

We lie to ourselves that we need change, that things are bad, and that you need to change.

There is no problem in the first place so there is no need to look for solutions. Let the situation be as it is, everything is fine. And you pull yourself far from reality from acceptance.

If you observe closely being honest with yourself will make you see the reality. Only then you will see things as it is and reach acceptance. But to be honest with yourself you have to shed all the inhibitions, remove the judgments, and erase all the negativities associated with your feelings. So being honest with yourself is true acceptance. All you need to do is talk to yourself. Make yourself your true friend. And life will automatically show its vibrant scenery with hidden pathways of solutions that will take you to a mountaintop of happiness!

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