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Bursting the Bubble of Independence

In today's tech world, everything has become easy, fast, and people-less. We think we are becoming independent but that is not true. Behind the "Get work done in just one click", internet connection, and smartphones, we are actually ignoring our dependencies. We may not be dependent on our families or neighbors but we are surely becoming more and more dependent on somebody else. Let's see how:

Consider a simple example: ordering food. You might think you're doing it all by yourself when you order through an app, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's a whole team effort involved. You depend on the app developers, the restaurants, the chefs, the delivery drivers – a network of people around the world who've put in a lot of hard work to ensure your independence from cooking.

As you notice even the smallest tasks require the collaborative effort of many individuals. I haven't even considered the smartphone company, internet guys, electricity etc, etc. The list of our dependencies is infinite. We need not think of all of them but this should be enough to break the egoistic, "I don't need anyone," mentality.

Because let's face it. We are humans, we cannot entirely survive being totally independent. We need to let go of this EGO and accept our dependency. Only then can we be truly happy with ourselves, the people in our lives, and the people behind the scenes. We then become less selfish.

As we recognize our dependence on others we develop a sense of gratitude. We realize that we are part of a much bigger story where everyone plays a role, and that can be a humbling and eye-opening experience. It reminds us to appreciate the interconnectedness of our lives and the importance of all the people who contribute to our daily experiences.

So next time you get work done with just a click, feel grateful to the people who made it work.

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