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"I" over "WE"

Ego often makes us selfish by prioritizing our own desires, needs, and interests over those of others. It magnifies our self-importance, leading us to act in ways that primarily serve our own benefit and gratification.

Selfishness rooted in ego can make us less willing to share, compromise, or consider the feelings and needs of others. It prompts a focus on personal gain, recognition, and success, sometimes at the expense of those around us.

It also hinders self-acceptance, as it fuels our fear of acknowledging our limitations and vulnerabilities. This self-centeredness makes it difficult to embrace our true selves and prevents us from extending the same understanding to others. Our attachment to our identity keeps us from genuine acceptance, keeping us trapped in selfishness.

Ego-driven selfishness can restrain cooperation, gratefulness, and harmonious relationships, creating barriers to genuine understanding and compassion for others.

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