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Momentary gratefulness feat EGO

In the previous posts, we saw how our trauma and expectations keep us away from being grateful. Today I will tell you the third factor that doesn't allow us to appreciate the goodness in people. The villain is the pride in "I", our EGO.

With ego we believe "I am better, I don't need help, I know better," which often prevents us from asking for help. It makes us think that accepting help is a sign of weakness. I've experienced this on treks, where men naturally offered a helping hand. However, I used to resist, thinking they considered me weak.

What I've come to realize is that there is peace in saying thank you and acknowledging the help of others. Expressing gratitude doesn't diminish our strengths or make us appear weak; instead, it empowers us. When we say thank you, we convey appreciation for the kindness and support we receive, and this encourages people to continue helping others.

By keeping our ego aside we not only help ourselves by asking for help but we help the society by reflecting gratefulness.

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