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Momentary Gratefulness feat Pessimism

That feeling of genuinely saying "thank you" to someone is rare.

"I appreciate my partners helped me crack the deal but they have their profits too, so no big deal."

"That stranger gave me my wallet back, he is a good person. I wonder why he did that. Why would someone selflessly help others?"

"My husband helps me cook food, he is a great husband. But I also support him in many things so he should help me!"

"That waiter gave good service but he gets paid for it. It is his duty to be nice to us."

Have you faced these thoughts?

At one moment we are grateful to a person and the next moment we doubt our gratitude for the same person. We pray for cheerful relationships but when someone behaves rightfully, we deny their goodwill. We fail to see the good in good. This happens because we let memories of tragic experiences peak in.

Often we are engulfed in unfortunate recollections that we don't acknowledge fortunate incidents. It is crucial to remind ourselves that people are inherently good. We need to cultivate the ability to embrace kindness without judgment or fear. While past experiences may have been negative, it is important to remember that history does not necessarily repeat itself at every turn. We must be cautious of fraud and scams and should also learn to appreciate honest individuals.

So next time, you say thank you to someone, don't let pessimism ruin your soul filled with gratitude!

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