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Ego vs Acceptance

Ego keeps us far from acceptance: seeing the reality as it is.

It primarily because acceptance means confrontation with ourselves or the situation. Many a times it involves confronting our fears and limitations. We strive to be the hero of our movie, we are attached to the identity we created for ourselves. As we know, a hero has to be flawless-always.

How can the hero of our movie be faulty then? How can we be wrong? If we are not wrong then situation, people, destiny, God, and everything else is wrong but not ME

We are attached to this self-image which makes us apprehensive about acknowledging our vulnerabilities. Because it challenges the ego's constructed image. We love to live in the delusion. Our ego blinds us and we never reach acceptance.

It is essential to develop the strength to face these ego-centric stories and see beyond them. Only then can we embrace the reality and attain acceptance.

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