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Mountains with blue and hex hue resembling that the author loves writing about sports related to the mountains.

Nutan | Adventure Storyteller & Social Media Manager


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Why is Janja Garnbret the best competition climber ever?

5C Climbers

Everything you need to know about the first Climbing Olympic Champion, my feature story for 5CClimbers media.

Erin Steven with her family.jpg

To Be a Climbing Mum, or Not to Be?


I discuss the difficulties many parents - and especially women - with outdoor passions and careers face when deciding whether or not to start a family.

Image by Sukant Sharma

14 Himalayan Hikes You Have to Experience

Gear Junkie

If you’ve been thinking about Himalayan hikes but don’t know where to start, this list contains a diverse array of hikes across four countries: India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bhutan.

Screenshot 2023-05-26 194250.png

Fernanda Maciel's speed attempt on Antarctica’s highest peak

Redbull Adventure

Discover how Fernanda Maciel showed incredible grit and determination to claim a place in the record books by running up and down the South Pole's highest peak.




Hey everyone, I'm Nutan, a former Software Engineer turned writer and outdoor traveler.

I'm all about embracing NEW adventures, just like my name suggests. Besides exploring the great outdoors, I have a passion for writing and sharing my experiences with others.

You may have come across my articles on platforms like Redbull, Outside Online (, UKClimbing, GearJunkie, ExplorersWeb, Kids Stop Press, WomensWeb, Trek the Himalayas, Dreamwanderlust, and more.

In addition, I also work as a freelance Social Media Manager, collaborating with various brands and brand ambassadors.

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Mountain Landscape
Content Writing/Editing

What I offer

Social Media Marketing



“We are really pleased with Nutan's work in Digital Marketing and enhancing our brand value. She quickly grasped the dynamics of trekking field and created strategies for social media. With her creative writing skills has she has given us excellent articles. She has good experience of outdoor field and uses it in her words.”

Rakesh Pant and Sandeep Rawat,
Founders of Trek the Himalayas


"She managed the social media with great efforts. She is highly responsive, collaborative and delivers on time."

Brian List, CEO Moja Gear and ILoveClimbing


"I like how creatively she comes with trending strategies to boost engagement on my posts."

Lisa Thompson, America's second woman to summit Mt. K2


"Nutan is an experienced outdoor professional, who also has a fantastic talent for writing. Combining her talent and experience, she is able to weave the most captivating of narratives, taking her audience right to the heart of her adventures."

Rachel Briggs, Founder of RockTots and United We Climb
"She wrote my feature story for print magazine, she is great with interviews and she excellently narrated my struggles with honest emotions."

Siddhi Manerikar, India's first woman to climb 5.13/8a grade






onnect with me and Let me know what you are thinking!

+91 8237102151

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