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The Ripple Effect of Goodness

Late one night, my husband and I were driving down an empty road, engaged in conversation. The road seemed deserted, and we were having a good time until out of nowhere, we bumped into a two-wheeler at a speed breaker. It wasn't a big collision, and the rider managed to keep his balance, but it was clearly our fault for not spotting the speedbreaker or the biker in time. However, as is often the case with road accidents, people rarely accept their mistakes, and my husband was no exception. He was pretty irate, convinced it wasn't his fault because the biker suddenly slowed down.

On the other hand, the two bikers were agitated and began to approach us. My husband, also angry, stepped out of the car. I knew I didn't want a full-blown argument. As the biker came closer and was about to speak, from the car I quickly said, "Sorry, brother!" and in the blink of an eye, his expression transformed, and he replied, "It's okay!" Then my husband chimed in, "I didn't see the speed breaker."

The story actually just ended here. Both the furious individuals walked back towards their seats and resumed their journey as if nothing happened. Quite unexpected to what we encounter on the road, isn't it?

I am still amazed at how two angry faces turned calm in an instant. It is the magic of a simple "SORRY." It could have escalated into a heated argument-the man blaming us, my husband pointing out his mistake, abusive language then iterating this incident to friends and friends of friends; not just that remembering this incident or the people involved and generating the same intensity of anger and grudges, carrying it for years. This made me reflect on how one small act can prevent a chain of reactions and negativity. Instead. a thoughtful gesture created a ripple effect of goodwill.

Does that mean saying sorry always works? Not necessarily. There are times when I say sorry, but the other person doesn't understand or accept it. In such cases, I move on and try not to react, but even that prevents a lot of damage. A fight that could have dragged on for minutes, hours, or even years in memories, shrinks to just a few moments. It's a lesson in the power of a simple apology with thoughtfulness, and compassion for others.

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