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Selfishly Selfless

Yes, I am selfish.

I constantly think about my own needs and desires. I tend to view the world around me in terms of how it affects me, what it brings to my life or its significance to my interests. I like people who fulfill my wishes and desires. I don't like people if they don't fulfill my desires. Some are really close to me because they assist me in achieving something. When these important ones behave against my wishes, I don't like them. Sometimes, I even struggle to forgive them. I may even break bonds with them.

But here's the thing: Recognizing this aspect of myself has filled my heart with gratitude. I have accepted the harsh truth that I am nobody without the people in my life. My ego breaks a little each time I realize need these individuals, and that I cannot thrive without them. With a softening ego, I have become thoughtful. I still keep myself first but I am considering other's needs also. I am becoming selfishly selfless!

Have you observed this about yourself?

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