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Satisfaction does not mean lack of motivation

Satisfaction does not mean lack of motivation; in fact, the two can and must coexist harmoniously. Sometimes, people mistakenly think that when they're content, they'll stop wanting to achieve more. But that's not the case.

When we're happy and content with what we're doing, it actually fuels our motivation to keep going. Satisfaction and motivation comes easy when they match our values, goals and the work we do is not forced. Enjoying our work or personal life gives us a sense of purpose and keeps us moving forward. Being content doesn't mean being lazy; it makes us strong enough to face challenges.

Additionally, only after contentment comes the desire to serve others, selflessly. The pure joy that comes after helping the needy gives more motivation to keep going.

So, don't worry if you're satisfied - it's a good thing! If you're not that is a problem to think about.

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