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Getting Started with Nutan

Hey, guys, I’m Nutan, a Software Engineer graduated from Pune Institute of Computer Technology and Software developer by profession.

I am super enthusiastic about life. I believe in trying out NEW experiences and adventures, just as my name claims to be 😛 Apart from being a very passionate Software Engineer, I love travelling and trekking. I have done the Mountaineering Courses. I like rock climbing too.

Computer networking has always fascinated me and life today is all about networks, it is around you and within you ( a network of nerves). The best source of information today, to explore our interests is the open source technology. While exploring my interests, I stumbled upon a revolutionary term Software Defined Networking (SDN). SDN is an approach, which defines the role of programming (programmer like me), in the world of networking. I believe SDN might be the next big evolution in Computer Networks.

I would be posting about everything that fascinates me. I hope my blogs, help create networks with you.

Happy networking with me…!! 🙂

Let’s get connected…!! 🙂

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We love to be grateful but we forget gratefulness immediately. Find out why that happens.

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