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Beyond gender to be the best

These days, there is a lot of conversation surrounding gender identity, inequality, and inclusion. It seems that, at times, we focus more on a person's sexuality than their capacity, ability, integrity, and credibility. In the name of inclusion, we sometimes find ourselves defining separations, forcing individuals to choose an identity or fall prey to the trends of identity just to fit in.

While I recognize the importance of these discussions in both personal and professional life, I can't help but wonder how being a specific gender overshadowed the essence of being human. I'm not an expert, nor do I wish to make a statement that challenges anyone's beliefs. Instead, I'd like to emphasize a fundamental rule of existence on Earth, the basic rule of humanity.

If I strive to be the best human being, I will naturally become the best person which means I will be:

the best possible partner a spouse dreams of,

the thoughtful child any parent nurtures,

the ideal colleague every coworker aspires to work with,

the closest friend everyone wishes for,

the exemplary citizen any nation fosters, and ultimately,

the best living being on this planet.

Isn't it simple? We just have to be the best human, people will embrace and accept us readily.

Our identity should be the professional skills we possess and the humanity we exhibit not our gender.

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